Sunday, February 18, 2007

Confessions of a Reformission Rev by Mark Driscoll

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I got my grubby hands on this book because my husband bought it. Talk about a treasure hunt! This has grabbed my attention and held on for dear life.

DISCLAIMER: This book is gritty and real, and Pastor Mark makes no bones about the kind of congregation he pastors and the type of city he lives is highly sexual and promiscious in nature, and he must pastor if you are easily offended, pass on this one. If you want to be on.

In a nutshell, it's the story of the birth and growth of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. Mark Driscoll is the unconventional pastor and co-founder of the church ( he insists, and rightly so, that Jesus founds the church and the pastors just go along and lead as He directs).

But more than that, it's a new church philosophy unlike any I've read before. He is gut-wrenchingly honest, even to the point some might be offended (I'm not, but I'm weird).

The book opens with 10 vital questions pastors and members of churches today must ask and answer for themselves. He gives a very thorough analysis of church work today, purposes for our churches to exist, and gives a brief comparison of "emerging churches" as opposed to "emergent churches"...and yes, there is a difference.

I like the way this man thinks. I like his honesty. I like his approach to Scripture...everything revolves around Jesus.

It has given me great amounts of food for thought. My husband and I are having very lively discussions about what it truly means to be a Christian, and a church member. Since my husband is a pastor, this takes on a dynamic that is both exciting and frightening as well.

I encourage believers to read this book. I encourage you to buy a copy for your pastor...but be warned...Mark Driscoll pulls no punches, he calls it as he sees it revealed by Scripture, and his terminology can be a bit too earthy for some.

But you will not read this book and walk away unchanged. I know I haven't.

Happy Reading!


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