Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Gifting by K.E. Ganshert

About the Book:

"If science is right, then I am crazy. And crazy is dangerous."

Tess Eckhart has always felt things nobody else can feel. Then the Ouija board incident happens at a high school party. Her complete freak out sends her family across the country-next to a nationally-renowned facility for the mentally ill. Worried Tess suffers from the same illness that tormented her grandmother, her parents insist she see a psychiatrist.

But Tess is more concerned about fitting in at her new school, and hiding the fact that she's seeing a therapist at the Edward Brooks Facility. She's used to whispers and stares, but when it comes to Luka Williams, a reluctantly popular boy in her class, she's unused to a stare that intense.

Then the headaches start, and the seemingly prophetic dreams that haunt her at night. As Tess tries to hide them, she becomes increasingly convinced that Luka knows something-that he might somehow be responsible.

But what if she's wrong? What if Luka Williams is the only thing separating her from a madness too terrifying to fathom?

My Thoughts:

Oh.  My.  Word.

I am SO EXCITED for the YA genre in the inspirational fiction market!  We've got some stellar authors crafting the most amazing fiction, and K.E. Ganshert is on my Top Ten Must Read list with her debut offering, "The Gifting".

"The Gifting" begins a trilogy of YA novels that take the reader to the edge of imagination, where true speculative fiction lives.  Tess has an unusual ability that makes her life absolutely miserable.  We've often dreamed of the possibility of knowing the future; take it from "The Gifting" that a gift like that is NOT a blessing... feels more like a curse.

Starting over as a new student in high school is tough, but when it's in the middle of the year and your brother can't seem to forgive you for the part you played in the move....yeah, it's brutal.  Throw in being an oddball, and you've got a recipe for bullying and shunning.

Enter Luka Williams.  He's handsome, mysterious, and a loner.  So when he attaches himself to Tess, rumors begin to fly and everything they do is observed and investigated for possible damaging gossip fodder.

Mix in the ability to see beyond our own reality, and you've got one of the hottest new YA books in today's marketplace.  I've loved Katie Ganshert's contemporary fiction, but this....this is pure gold!  I can hardly wait for the next book in this amazing new series.

I purchased a copy for my Kindle Fire, and devoured it quickly.  You can find a copy of "The Gifting" at booksellers everywhere, and you can find it online.  Whatever you do, do not miss out on "The Gifting"!

Highly, highly recommended.

Happy Reading!



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