Monday, June 8, 2015

Random Acts of Deceit by Christy Barritt

About the Book:

Break up with Chase Dexter, or I’ll kill him.”
Holly Anna Paladin never expected such a gut-wrenching ultimatum. But the man threatening her makes it clear he’s dead serious. With home invasions, hidden cameras, and bombs threats, Holly must make some serious choices.
Whatever Holly decides, the consequences will either break her heart or break her soul. She tries to match wits with the masked man, but he’s always a step ahead of her. The more she fights, the deeper she’s drawn into the perilous situation.
Dealing with the ultimatum, her sister’s wedding problems, and riots that have broken out in the city, Holly’s nearly at her breaking point. She must discover the identity of this mystery man before someone she loves dies. But the deceit is threatening to pull her under . . . six feet under.

My Thoughts:

Move over, Gabby St. Claire...there's a new girl in town...and she is rapidly becoming one of my favorite fictional heroines!

Well, not really.  I mean, don't get me wrong...I do adore Holly Anna Paladin and all her quirky vintage loving style.  She's just not new...this is her second in a series, and then there's that brief partnership she had with our beloved red-headed detective.

Christy Barritt has a knack for creating crazy, adventurous and accidental mysteries, and she's hit it out of the proverbial park with "Random Acts of Deceit".  Imagine a mysterious stranger in your dark bedroom, and he gives you the strangest ultimatum:

"Dump your boyfriend or he's a dead man."

Really?  Yup, that was my first thought when I read the opening chapter of "Random Acts of Deceit".  But I rapidly found myself urging Holly to break Chase's heart before Mister Mysterious did something undoable to our handsome hero.

Christy writes with wit, heart and faith, and she takes her heroines into the most unlikely--and sometimes deadly--places.  I've been a huge fan since I snagged a copy of her first novel, and this new series just seals the deal.  Christy Barritt remains in my top ten list of 'must read' mystery mavens.

I snagged a copy of "Random Acts of Deceit" for my e-reader, and devoured it in one sitting.  Oh, and good luck trying to figure out who's behind it all.  Christy is the Queen of the Red Herring, and I haven't been able to solve a mystery before the closing chapter as of yet.

Do yourself a favor and start with "Random Acts of Murder", the first book in the Holly Anna Paladin series.  And once you've caught up with Holly and friends, take a look at Christy's "Squeaky Clean" series, starring Gabby St. Claire and company!

Happy Reading!



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