Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Haunted by Charity Tinnin

About the Book:

Punish the guilty or save the innocent? He can't do both.

As a liquidator, it's Noah State's job to carry out justice for the Elite-which is why they send him to Metro Area Four. There's evidence of a resistance movement and chatter about a dangerous uprising. Noah's orders? Stop it at any cost.

Failure means death. But Noah's haunted by the blood spilled in his past and certain God has condemned him for it. Shedding more isn't an option.

Then he meets Maddison James, a hospital apprentice with revolutionary leanings, and glimpses a future he thought was lost. A future within reach if they can survive his brother's interference, a resistance more threatening than anyone imagined, and one unforgivable choice.

My Thoughts:

So, yesterday I told you just how important book reviews were, and that it was a book reviewer who led me to discover one of my new favorite novels. 

Today, I'm impressed with how knowing what an author is reading can lead you to discover hidden gems in the world of fiction.  Because I took Serena Chase's recommendation and read "Saving Yesterday" by Jess Evander, I discovered Charity Tinnin's book, "Haunted".

How good is this new read?

Well, I played the "just one more chapter" game until two a.m. and then I just had to sleep, but I literally dreamed about the novel and the characters.

Yeah, it's THAT good!

Imagine a new world where choices are limited and mistakes are immediately punished with liquidation (i.e., death penalty).  Government knows best and answers to no one, and you dare not speak out against lest you want a visit from the liquidators.

Funny thing about dystopian literature when written from a Biblical perspective.  In some ways the landscape is even more bleak and desperate than the general market offerings.  But you also find a richer hope, a sense of possibility that many times doesn't exist in current dystopian fiction.

Charity has a gift with creating flesh and blood fictional characters that burrow into your emotional core and force you to invest in their imaginary lives.  Noah is so torn between his placement as a liquidator and his desire for change that you can feel the tension in your own body as you read.

Maddison is so deeply wounded over the liquidation of her parents that her ability to trust Noah is shaky, and you feel her uncertainty as you turn each page of the book.

And Daniel...he's not real, but I wouldn't want to run into him in an imaginary dark alley!  But is he really one of the bad guys??  He is to "Haunted" what Severus Snape was to "Harry Potter".

From cars that can drive themselves to self healing medicines to heightened sensory awareness to dictatorship to persecution and love and romance versus action and adventure..."Haunted" has it all.  I'm in love with this book, and I can hardly wait for more!

I purchased my e-book and devoured it in one sitting.  "Haunted" is available for your e-reader or in print, and I urge you to get your copy today!

Happy Reading!



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