Monday, June 1, 2015

Five Brides by Eva Marie Everson

About the Book:

One dress, five women, a lifetime of memories.

 Five single, fiercely independent women live together in a Chicago apartment in the early 1950s but rarely see one another. One Saturday afternoon, as they are serendipitously together downtown, they spy a wedding dress in a storefront window at the famous Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co.

After trying it on—much to the dismay of the salesclerk and without a single boyfriend or date between the five of them—they decide to pool their money to purchase it.

Can one dress forever connect five women who live together only a short time before taking their own journeys to love and whatever comes happily ever after?

My Thoughts:

With every book I read from Eva Marie Everson, I fall just a bit deeper in love with her talent.  Eva has a way of crafting a story that seems timeless and every woman who reads needs to experience at least one of her books.

"Five Brides" brings both the decade of the 1950's and Chicago to life.  Five women become roommates and friends, and a day of window shopping becomes a purchase that will have meaning long after each woman passes on.

The story opens with a young girl and her mother eagerly anticipating delivery of a wedding dress.  Upon receipt of the precious package, the mother keeps her word to tell her daughter the story of the dress and how it came to be hers.

Imagine, pooling your hard earned money with four young women you barely knew but felt were kindred souls, and promising that each of you would have occasion and opportunity to wear the exquisite wedding dress you'd spotted in a store window?

Yes, it IS hard to imagine, but leave it to the imagination of Eva Marie Everson and a novel destined to become a classic comes to life.  Eva's story was inspired by true events, but only a gifted storyteller could breath life into such an unlikely scenario.

I was captured within the first pages, and I read slowly, savoring every page and every scene.  Something else I found miraculous: the story centers around five major characters, and each young woman has a starring role in her own story within the story.  I dare you to fall in love with just one character!

I'm so grateful to my friends at Tyndale Publishing for my complimentary copy of "Five Brides" in exchange for an honest review.  This is a book I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to read, and one I know I'll read again and again.

In fact, I fell so deeply in love with the story that I wanted to begin reading it all over again once I'd finished!  "Five Brides" is going on my shelf to keep, and Eva is securely at the top of my "must read" list of authors.

Please do not miss the glorious reading experience that is "Five Brides"!  Highly, highly recommended!

Happy Reading!



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Eva Marie Everson said...

Thank you, Deena!

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