Monday, February 16, 2015

SnuggleTime Devotions by Stephen Elkin

About the Book:

Children will grow in their understanding of faith and look forward to spending time with God as they read, play, hug, and get inspired through these 52 heartwarming snuggle time devotions.

Along with the short devotional reading and Bible story, each snuggle time moment features a game or activity to help kids remember the lesson and tuck it away in their heart. This book will get you and your child talking together, laughing together, and hugging together!

It’s a great way to strengthen your parent-child relationship while introducing young children to the joys of spending time with God. It’s also an effective resource for helping to shape behavior and for teaching kids biblically based life principles.

My Thoughts:

I truly love this devotional book!  The illustrations are fun and colorful, and the reading is brief, sure to hold the attention of even the wiggliest little one.  This is a great way to introduce daily Bible time with your children or grandchildren.

Each devotional is about two pages in length.  You'll find a title, followed by the story's location in Scripture.  I highly recommend having your Bible handy, so you can show your little one that their story is found in the Bible.

There is a verse to remember, followed by what is called "My Snuggle up story", a brief paragraph that tells the story in easy to understand language.  Next is "My Snuggle Time takeaway", the application of the day's reading.

Finally, the devotion closes with an activity parent and child can do to help remember the main point of the day's reading, and a reason to hug closes out the reading.  And the stories range from Old Testament tales to New Testament stories, giving little ones a sample of the entire Bible in bite sized portions.

My thanks to my friends at Tyndale for my complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.  "SnuggleTime Devotions" is ideal for baby shower gifting, a spring surprise, and would be an ideal Easter gift.

Highly recommended

Happy Reading!



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Connie Arnold said...

I love it! Hugs, snuggles and good reading with little ones make a great combination.