Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dirty Deeds by Christy Barritt

About the Book:

“Promise me one thing. No snooping. Just for one week.”

Gabby St. Claire knows that her fiancé’s request is a simple one that she should be able to honor. After all, Riley’s law school reunion and attorneys’ conference at a hoity-toity resort is a chance for them to get away from the mysteries Gabby often finds herself involved in as a crime scene cleaner. The weeklong trip is a chance for them to be “normal,” a word that leaves a bad taste in Gabby’s mouth.

But Gabby finds herself alone for endless hours while Riley is busy with legal workshops. Then one of Riley’s old friends goes missing, and Gabby suspects one of Riley’s buddies might be behind the disappearance. When the missing woman’s mom asks Gabby for help, how can she say no?

Secrets abound. Frankly, Gabby even has some of her own. When the dirty truth comes out, the revelations put everything in jeopardy—relationships, trusts, and even lives.
My Thoughts:

Here's a something that always wanders through my mind as I read books in a mystery series. If you keep finding dead bodies, especially in a small town or community...why not move? Apparently, Christy Barritt feels the same way, because intrepid crime scene cleaner and crime snooper...I mean, solver...Gabby St. Claire is on the move.

And wherever Gabby ends up, trouble is certain to follow! On their first couples vacation, Gabby and Riley attend a law conference and a reunion of Riley's old college friends. He extracts a promise from his fiancé (Gabby) to stay out of harm's way and to hold off on her instinct for seeking out a good whodunit. And that would be Riley's first mistake.

One cannot ask another to ignore said person's basic instinct, especially when solving crime is as natural as breathing. When Gabby finds herself neck deep in the "Dirty Deeds" of others, will she lose her head? Or will her magnificent and wacky intellect catch the perp and save the day?

Always packed with wit, suspense and delightful characters (sometimes caricatures), a novel by Christy Barritt never disappoints. If you love your crime served with a heaping helping of humor and a healthy portion of faith, minus the sex and language, you cannot go wrong with a novel by Christy Barritt!

Happy Reading!



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