Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tremors, a Stone Braide Chronicles Story by Bonnie S. Calhoun

About the Book:

In this gripping prequel to Thunder, unsettling secrets change Selah Chavez's life forever in the days before her 18th Born Remembrance.

My Thoughts:

Oh.  My.  Word.  If ever a synopsis doesn't do justice to the powerful novella, it would be this one!  I mean, yes, this prequel is gripping.   And yes, Selah learns some unsettling secrets. 

That would be because she's, oh, I don't know...headstrong?  Determined?  Independent?  Try all of the above!

You would be too if your father was....oops!  Almost said too much.  But I can tell you Selah has a wonderful mother, a controlling father, two adorable brothers and one brother I wouldn't wish on anyone!

Then, there's also....oh, you sneaky reading buddy!  Almost talked me into giving away major plot points.  Nope, you'll just have to mine for treasure in "Tremors" yourself....but be warned...

This little taste of this new world Bonnie has crafted will leave you wanting more...oh, so much more!  And while it is a bit frustrating....that's a sign of stellar writing and solid hope of even greater things to come.

I downloaded an electronic  copy of "Tremors", simply because I couldn't wait for the release of "Thunder".   Both are published by Revell Publishing, and highly recommended. 

Happy Reading!



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