Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Last Witness by Glenn Meade

About the Book:

After a massacre at a Bosnian prison camp, a young girl is found alone, clutching a diary, so traumatized she can’t even speak. Twenty years later, the last witness to the prison guards' brutal crimes must hunt down those responsible to learn what happened to her family.

Twenty years ago, after the fall of Yugoslavia, the world watched in horror as tens of thousands were killed or imprisioned in work camps during an “ethnic cleansing” in Bosnia. Carla Lane has little knowledge of what went on halfway around the world when she was a child. She is living a near perfect life in New York City, married and soon to have a family of her own.

But when her husband is murdered by a group of Serbian war criminals, strange memories start coming back, and she discovers that she underwent extensive therapy as a girl to suppress her memories. She is given her mother’s diary, which unlocks her childhood memories and reveals that she was, along with her parents and young brother, imprisoned in a war camp outside Sarajevo.

As her memories come back, it becomes clear that she is the last witness to a brutal massacre in the prison and that her brother may still be alive. She sets out to find her brother, but first she must hunt down the war criminals responsible for destroying her life. But these killers will stop at nothing to protect their anonymity and their deadly pasts...and are determined to silence the last witness to their crimes.

From the talented storyteller who gave us The Second Messiah, The Last Witness serves up another captivating and nail-biting thriller that will keep you holding your breath right to the end.

My Thoughts:

This is one of the most mind-bending works of fiction I think I've ever read.  Glenn Meade takes readers on a journey that isn't for the faint of heart, but he has crafted a novel that everyone must read...because the atrocities he writes are based firmly on true events.

If I mention the name Slobodan Milosevic, does that trigger a memory of the monster behind unspeakable events that took the world stage a mere 25 years ago?  Unfortunately, I don't think most remember him.

You will when you've read "The Last Witness".  But this may be the most challenging novel you've ever read, and it will remain with you long after the final page is turned.  The events of Milosevic's ethnic cleansing make the Holocaust look rather juvenile....and yes, those events are horrific in themselves.

Still, the journey Carla Lane must take to get the answers that demand resolution is nightmarish.  Events triggered by the murder of her beloved husband result in deeply buried memories that feel surreal.

My thanks to my friends at Howard Publishing for my complimentary copy of this powerful novel, given in exchange for an honest review.  Highly recommended, with a caution: reading these pages will change you, and that will save us from sitting back when the monsters come again.

Because evil will not rest until Jesus returns, and we must stay aware and vigilant.

Happy Reading!



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