Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sinner's Creed by Scott Stapp

About the Book:

“The story of my life is profoundly unclear. It is a rock-and-roll story and, at the same time, a story of my walk with Christ. The two are melded together in ways both unpredictable and unsure.”
—Scott Stapp

Sinner’s Creed is the uncensored memoir of Scott Stapp, Grammy Award–winning lead vocalist of the multiplatinum rock band Creed.

Throughout Creed’s decade of dominance, Scott struggled with the demons of his past—the internal battles that spilled over into his lyrics and eventually led him down a dark path of self-destruction and addiction, culminating with the disbanding of Creed in 2004.

In the years that followed the band’s breakup, Scott slipped deeper and deeper into depression and self-medication, behavior that resulted in a near-fatal twenty-foot free fall from a hotel balcony in November of 2006.

Now, clean, sober, and in the midst of a highly successful solo career—Scott has finally come full circle, a turnaround he credits to his renewed relationship with God and to his loving wife, Jaclyn.
In Sinner’s Creed, Scott exposes all his inner demons. The result is not only a gripping memoir but also a rare and candid look at the dark and often turbulent world of rock and roll.

My Thoughts:

My husband found out I had just finished Scott Stapp's book, and he asked me if I would recommend it.  I can't answer that question.  Here's why:

Creed wasn't a band that was big in our home, but we had heard some of their songs.  My husband is a big music guy, always reading up on bands and trends and he's always had eclectic tastes.  He's since passed that gene on to our son and daughter, so lots of different groups are playing on the stereo.

We heard the rumors, had the debates about whether or not they were a Christian band or just a band with Christians in it.  Dad had one opinion, son had another, and then the band was the radar.

So Scott's book was enlightening, to say the least.  Abandoned by his biological father, then lavished with attention from his mother's new beau.  Once they married, however, the attention turned to scrutiny that found fault and sin everywhere in Scott's life, and his father was determined to beat it out of him.

With so much of his early life controlled and micromanaged, it was easy to see why the freedom of music and bands and gigs held such appeal.  But when he began to pour his conflicted soul into his lyrics, the music world got a mixed message:  was this a Christian band, and if so, why didn't they behave like Christians?

Scott definitely doesn't claim he's learned all the answers...he's still figuring out his questions.  But he's learned the only Source of truth, and that's where he goes now for his answers.  The book is well-crafted, and for fans of Creed and Scott Stapp, I'm sure it has appeal.  I just don't know that I'd give it a recommendation.

This is one you need to sample for yourself.  But my thanks to my friends at Tyndale Publishing House for offering "Sinner's Creed" as a free e-book for a short time, allowing me the chance to read it.  You can get your copy at bookstores and online today.

Happy Reading!



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