Friday, July 4, 2014

Four Cups by Chris Hodges

About the Book:

What if God has had a plan for you since the very beginning?

 The God of the universe has made you some big promises. He made them first in the Old Testament, but they remain at the core of his heart and have never changed. They’re the key to your fulfillment and to his plans for you, both in this life and the life to come.
  • God wants to rescue you from bondage.
  • He wants to deliver you from whatever holds you back.
  • He wants you to discover his original intention for your life.
  • And he wants you to be a part of a family that is making a difference.
In the ancient celebration of Passover, we find a picture of God’s heart for us in the four cups of wine representing each of these core promises. Now, in Four Cups, Church of the Highlands pastor and New York Times bestselling author Chris Hodges reveals that, no matter where we are on our spiritual journey, these four cups of promise provide a simple, powerful, unforgettable way of reaching our potential and growing closer to God.

Steeped in Jewish history and tradition, yet breathing the transforming hope of Jesus on every page, Four Cups will help you move forward through the four stages of faith. Your thirst for more will finally be quenched—and you’ll experience a wellspring of joy, hope, and purpose

My Thoughts:

In my reading journey through books, I'm always on the lookout for something I can share with either my kids or my husband.  As a pastor, Dave has less free time for reading so I'm always watching for books that are brief in size but huge on message.

I do believe I have found one in "Four Cups"!   Chris plants his foundation for the book on Exodus 6:6-7, when God made four promises to the Children of Israel as He led them out of Egypt.  The four "I will" statements are an integral part of the traditional Passover celebration, known as the "Four Cups".

Chris then parallels these promises made in the Old Testament to the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20, then goes on to illustrate how vital it is that we as believers drink from all four cups to have the fulfilled and abundant life Christ promised us in the New Testament.

One section I found especially interesting was the passage on Dream Killers: unfulfilled expectations, unrelenting doubt and unchangeable circumstances.  Chris has some great things to share on defeating these three main dream killers, and his main piece of advice?

Focus on God's promises.

I'm not saying I totally agree with everything shared in the book, but I did nod my head through most of my reading.  And Chris most definitely gives the reader some serious food for thought, with clear illustrations and lots of other passages of Scripture to support his points.

This is a book I plan on sharing with my husband, and I wanted to share it with you as well, reading friend!  My thanks to my friends at Tyndale Publishing for my advance copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Check out "Four Cups" and see what you learn from this timely message.  Then pass it on!

Happy Reading!



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