Monday, June 23, 2014

Wish by Jake Smith

About the Book:

James McConnell’s one wish is that his nine-year-old son will finally be healthy enough to play a game of catch. Then he and his wife, Emily, receive news they’ve dreaded: Aaron’s cancer has relapsed.

As the family steels themselves for a draining treatment regimen in yet another hospital, Aaron receives the gift of a lifetime—a personal visit from one of his favorite professional baseball players—and the chance to make a bold request, his wish: to see his dad play in one major league game.

A former college standout, James fears he doesn’t have the talent it takes, even for one game, and that he’ll miss what could be Aaron’s precious last weeks. Yet how can he refuse his dying son’s wish?
Poignant and triumphant, Wish is the story of a father’s love, a family’s perseverance, and the miracles that can happen when you believe in the impossible

My Thoughts:

This one was not at the top of my to be read pile.  It's a story about baseball, and I'm not a sports fan.  But the cover was very appealing, so I started it....and just finished it, all in one sitting.

This book is about far more than just baseball.  It's about the power of hope, the love of family, a father's dream for his son....and faith that God always has our best for us in His hands.

James is a dad in such pain, watching his only son battle cancer once again.  His son is his hero, and when Aaron does a switch up with his one wish, James is both reluctant and floored.  How can he leave his son to fight alone while he goes off to 'play' at being a pro?

Emily is a great model of an encouraging wife with genuine emotion, and Lizzie is the breath you take between tests and results.  She's life and light and humor and normalcy for the family.  Plus, Dad calls her Lizard, which is just too cute!

In short, I loved this book.  I was so wrong about what I would find in its pages, I feel I owe the author an apology.  Instead, I highly recommend the book to you, my reading buddies. 

My thanks to my friends at Tyndale Publishing for my advance copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  "Wish" is highly recommended.

Happy Reading!



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