Friday, June 27, 2014

Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful by Laurie Wallin

About the Book:

We all have insecurities—quirks that preoccupy our minds and convince us we aren’t good enough. We worry too much, argue too much, talk too much… or not enough. We fight who we are and beg God to make us different.

But what if God gave us these quirks for a reason? What if who we are right now is exactly who God meant us to be? What if our weirdest, most annoying characteristics are actually . . . for a purpose?

In Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful, author and certified life coach Laurie Wallin teaches us to stop fighting ourselves and to start following God. And the first step, she says, is to embrace our weirdness.

In short, dynamic chapters, Wallin helps you move past obstacles by learning to see your “stumbling blocks” as strengths. She will show you how your weirdness enables you to love God uniquely and to love others more effectively.

As you work to discover why your weirdness is wonderful, you will learn more about yourself and about God, and about how deeply he loves you—quirks and all.

My Thoughts:

I've spent most of my life feeling like an odd duck.  Never really fitting in seems to be my style.  But reading Laurie's book helped me begin to see my weird tendencies as gifts from God Himself, and that weird is very okay.

The book is split into seven sections, but each chapter is brief and to the point.  Laurie starts off by asking the reader to acknowledge and accept being weird in a good way.  She then moves on to allowing the reader to grow comfortable in his or her weirdness.

For me one of the most powerful chapters was "Squashing Wonderless Self-Talk", when I tend to beat myself over the head for being too much of this and not enough of that.  Perspective truly becomes the key to opening the door to just how fearfully and wonderfully we all are made.

The reader then moves into owning the weird, now referred to as wonder, digging deeper, and getting a handle on any weaknesses that come with our quirks and traits.

Laurie concludes with teaching readers to grow from mistakes and overcoming fears, and then how to work your weirdness to its fullest potential.  The book ends with a weirdness and wonder cheat sheet, helping readers identify their own traits and quirks.

I enjoyed reading "Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful" and gained quite a few new insights into my own personality.  My thanks to my friends at Abingdon Press for my advance copy in exchange for an honest review.  I think anyone can benefit from Laurie's book, even if it merely helps you accept another person's quirkiness.

Happy Reading!



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