Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Real Men Don't Text by Ruthie and Michael Dean

About the Book:

Late-night texts. Mixed signals. Dead-end relationships.
This doesn’t have to be your love life.
Welcome to dating in the digital world—where phone conversations followed by dinner and a movie have been replaced by last-minute texts, ambiguous relationships, and vague group hangouts.
While technology makes it faster and easier to connect than ever before, it has also created confusion . . . And heartbreak.

Ruthie and Michael Dean have heard the same story from thousands of women: the disappearing men, the cryptic messages, the disappointing relationships, and the false intimacy of on-screen connection.

In a no-holds-barred narrative style, the husband-and-wife team chronicles their dating mishaps, hilarious attempts to find love, and many mistakes—helping women understand just what men are thinking and how to attract Mr. Right.

Real Men Don’t Text offers game-changing perspectives, bringing a fresh approach to love, sex, and dating. You don’t need to spend one more night staring at a phone screen. It’s time to take back your love life!

My Thoughts:

In the age of social media and online dating, this book is vital for Christians seeking relationships, both men and women.  Ruthie & Michael write from both perspectives, helping women know the healthiest way to respond, and training men to respect and honor women from the first moment of meeting.

We don't cherish relationships as much as we should, and we are losing face to face communication skills.  I realize life can be a challenge, but why settle for less than God's best?  Why allow others to take advantage of our kind heart and desire for relationship just to satisfy their own convenience?

The book is engaging and easy to read, and very relevant.  I only wish this book had the following of a general market book about how to tell when someone just 'isn't into you'.  Far more valuable advice and far more sound wisdom packed in this one.

My thanks to my friends at Tyndale Publishing for my advance copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  "Real Men Don't Text" is recommended...and pass it on to your teens.

Happy Reading!



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