Thursday, June 12, 2014

Marvelous by Travis Thrasher

About the Book:

A dark evil lurks in the little town of Appleton.

What would you do if your girlfriend believed she had to die to stop it?

Brandon has never met anyone like Marvel Garcia. She’s beautiful, smart, and shining with a faith and joy unlike any he’s ever experienced. But why won’t she go out with him? As the mystery behind her tragic past begins to unravel, it takes the whole summer for Marvel to trust Brandon and reveal her destiny.

Did God really speak to Marvel? Is it true that she’s destined to die before she graduates—and save others from great evil?

Does she have anything to do with the terrible things that are already happening in their town?

And most important, can Brandon do anything at all to save her?

Watch for the next titles in the Books of Marvella series: Wonder, Awe, and Glory.

My Thoughts:

These days, you simply have to read a Travis Thrasher novel to understand the fascination.  I cannot think of another writer that I can compare him to...he is so unique.  And every novel is a new experience, even within the same genre.

And that is a very good thing!  He's found his niche in the young adult fiction genre, but don't let that label fool you.  These books have a mass appeal, with elements of romance, suspense, a lot of supernatural elements, and relevant topics.

With "Marvelous" the story unwinds a little more on every page, evolving slowly and building as the characters reveal more and more.  The beauty of a Travis Thrasher novel is getting pulled in from page one and having to read until the final sentence to truly get the essence of the story.

Don't waste time trying to 'figure it out'...just enjoy the ride and allow it to unfold as Travis planned it for you.  On a side note, abuse in any form is monstrous and turns my be warned.

My thanks to my friends at Tyndale Publishing for my advance copy of "Marvelous" via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Highly recommended summer reading!

Happy Reading!



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