Friday, August 23, 2013

We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook by Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph

About the Book:

Becky Johnson and her daughter Rachel Randolph come from a long line of laughter. The female side of her family tree is dotted with funny storytellers, prolific authors, hospitable home cooks, and champion chatters.

In We Love, We Laugh, We Cook, Becky—a butter and bacon loving mama—and Rachel—a vegan bean eating daughter—share stories of their crazy, wonderful, and sometimes challenging lives as Rachel becomes a mother herself.
Becky is messy; Rachel craves order. Becky forgets what month it is; Rachel is an organizational genius. (At least before baby arrives.) Sprinkled throughout are the lip-smacking, nourishing recipes they love to make and share.
From food for a family reunion of thirty, to lunch for a party of one in a high chair, to a hot meal for a sick friend, the authors demonstrate grace, acceptance, and love to others through the bonding gifts of humor, attentive listening, and cooking ... whether diners prefer beef or tofu in their stew.

My Thoughts:

Honestly, reading has been pure torture to hold back my thoughts on this precious book.  I've loved Becky since I discovered her first book, "Worms In My Tea" (you've gotta find that and read it), so I was thrilled when I found out she was writing with her daughter, Rachel (although, I'll always think of her as Rachel Praise) Randolph.

Some books sooth your soul...some books engage your emotions...other books challenge your ideas...and still others tickle your funny bone.  "We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook" touches every aspect of you and leaves you changed for the better once it has ended.

Filled with humorous stories from both Becky and Rachel, you might want to have tissues handy to wipe away the tears of joy.  And be prepared to explain to family and complete strangers why you're laughing so hard while reading.

Keep the tissues handy, because you'll also encounter some deeply personal and emotional sharing.  Becky and Rachel write with authenticity and transparency, sharing deep wounds and challenging moments, as well as victorious moments in their lives.

And recipes...oh, the recipes!  You'll find healthy, not-so-healthy, and down right indulgent tasty treats to try.  Rachel is a committed vegan and she shares how she adopted her philosophy for feeding her family well.  Becky is a creative soul, and some of her recipes are just down right inventive.  But all sound delish!

I cannot recommend a book more highly.  "We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook" is a treasure, and an inspiration.  I've heard through the publishing grapevine that these two dynamic women might collaborate again...and that Rachel might author a book all her own.  If that's true, don't miss out!  Keep watching for more from both of these excellent authors.

I'm giving my advance copy of "We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook" the five out of five stars it deserves, plus my Golden Bookmark of Excellence and voting it "Best Non-Fiction Book of 2013"!  My thanks to Zondervan Publishing for my advance copy.  Now, I'm off to buy my finished copy!

Happy Reading!



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