Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When God Makes Lemonade by Don Jacobson

About the Book:

Do you know someone who needs some encouragement? Perhaps that someone is you.

In When God Makes Lemonade, author Don Jacobson has collected real-life stories from around the world that show everyday folks discovering unexpected sweetness in the midst of sour circumstances. Some are funny, others are sobering, and more than a few will bring tears of amazement. But these true stories all have one thing in common: hope.

There's no question that life gives us "lemons," like issues with health, employment, and relationships. But when those lemons become lemonade, it's as refreshing as a cold drink on a hot summer day.

It's true that in life "stuff" happens, but as you'll see in these stories, Lemonade Happens too!

My Thoughts:

I'm in love with this book!  Remember the "Chicken Soup" books, individual stories compiled together into one topical volume?  Well, this book is ten times better, and far more faith-filled and inspirational than any other compilation I've encountered.

Don Jacobson begins the stories in "When God Makes Lemonade" with his own story.  He was out hunting, checking on a repaired rifle, when a freak accident left him wounded, alone and fighting for his life.

What started out as a horrible tragedy God ended up using for tremendous good, and the seed for the "Lemonade" book was born.  Don has collected over fifty stories of life seemingly gone sour until God shows Himself through circumstances.

Some stories made me smile, some made me laugh, and many made me cry.  But they all had one element in common...they changed how I looked at hard situations and tragedy in my own life.

I received a copy of "When God Makes Lemonade" from Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  I'm sincerely hoping that Don continues to collect stories and continues to publish "Lemonade" books.  If he does, I'm buying a copy of every single one of them.

"When God Makes Lemonade" is highly recommended.

Happy Reading!



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