Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Color of Hope by Kim Cash Tate

About the Book:

Hope shines brightest when all seems lost.
Stephanie London led a life of comfort and ease in St. Louis before feeling inexplicably drawn back to her father’s roots in the tiny Southern town of Hope Springs. Charlotte Willoughby has lived there all her life and longs to make a new life somewhere else. Stephanie doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing there—or how to occupy her time. And Charlotte doesn’t understand why, despite her overbearing family and reminders of her failed engagement, she’s suddenly led to stay.

Despite its small-town charm, Hope Springs itself is at a crossroads. After a failed reconciliation attempt by two well-meaning pastors, the town is split along racial and cultural lines, with little hope for redemption.

When a terrible tragedy puts Hope Springs on the national radar, the entire town is tested, and both Stephanie and Charlotte feel their lives unraveling. In the midst of heartache, though, they’ll discover the true color of hope .

My Thoughts:

Kim Cash Tate writes with soul and power, and her newest novel is by far her most emotional novel to date.  Old favorite friends are back and new characters are introduced and, before the final page turns, your life will be turned upside down.

Stephanie first appeared in "Cherished" as the self absorbed little sister, about to be married to her fiance, Lindell London.  My, how she has changed!  Now she's moving back to her roots in Hope Springs, hoping to make a difference with her life.

Family ties are strong, and a bit complicated (thank you, Kim, for the family tree in the beginning of the book!).  Janelle is moving forward after the death of her husband, while Charlotte seems stuck in place.  Should she move on, or should she accept the new position at the high school and explore new love interests?

Libby is still running from God and from Travis.  She can avoid the one, but she'll never avoid the One...a truth that comes home to her in an unexpected way on an unexpected journey.

So much takes place within the pages of "The Color of Hope".  But it's the latter half of the book that had me in tears.  I got so angry...so frustrated...was so wounded by those events.  Let's just say that racism is a cancer that has to be eradicated by the love of Jesus.

It has to be done and gone.

But until Jesus changes hearts, old wounds fester and old prejudices get passed down until innocent people get hurt in unspeakable ways.  And bullying?  It has got to end as well. 

Don't hide behind the anonymity of the Internet and claim you don't know what you're doing and who you are hurting.  Don't take the cowardly route and stick your head in the sand.  And don't feed us the line any longer, that 'boys will be boys' and 'girls don't mean anything by it'.

I encourage you...I'm pleading with you...pick up "The Color of Hope" and let it anger and engage you in a new way.  There is true power in story, and Kim has harnessed that power and this book will do amazing things if we'll just read it and then act on it.

I purchased a copy for myself.  I've been a fan of Kim's writing since "Cherished" was introduced as a 'Woman of Faith' novel selection, and I've been along for the ride ever since.

"The Color of Hope" is highly, highly, highly recommended.  Go get a copy and find out just what "The Color of Hope" is...I know you'll be entertained.  But you just might be changed as well.

Happy Reading!



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