Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Poison by Jordyn Redwood

About the Book:

Five years ago, Keelyn Blake's armed, mentally ill stepfather took her family hostage in their house in rural Colorado. She and her half-sister Raven made it out alive, but others did not. Authorities blamed the father's frequent hallucinations about a being named Lucent, but in the end, even the best of the FBI's hostage negotiators failed to overcome the man's delusions and end the standoff peacefully.

Now, Lucent is back, and he's no hallucination. In fact, he is a very real person with dangerous motives. He has kidnapped Raven's daughter, and--Keelyn worries--maybe has hurt Raven as well. Though she is estranged from her sister, Keelyn feels the immediate need to find Raven and save what family she has left. But when others who were involved in that fateful day start dying, some by mysterious circumstances, Keelyn wonders if she can emerge unscathed a second time.

My Thoughts:

If you've selected a copy of Jordyn Redwood's latest medical thriller, thinking you're in for a suspenseful treat, you need to rethink that.  No, you, my dear reading are in for much, much more.

"Poison" is a nail-biting, grip-the-pages-so-hard-your-fingers-ache thrill ride that will take you places you never see coming, introduce you to characters that refuse to pack up and go home once the story ends, and will have you longing for the third (and unfortunately final) book in this stellar trilogy.

The second novel in Jordyn's debut series kicks off five years after the events of "Proof, Jordyn's debut novel.  You don't necessarily have to read it first to understand "Poison", but I recommend you read it during your lifetime.

Keelyn was one of the few survivors of that tragic day on her step-father's property.  Tormented by a personality called Lucent, he did the unspeakable.  Even the law enforcement officers on site were shaken by the events that unfolded.

Flash forward five years, and now Keelyn has built a relationship with a young FBI agent and leader of the SWAT team that rescued her and a younger sister.  Lee Watson only wants to love and protect why is that suddenly so complicated?

Fans of Jordyn's novels will be delighted to see Dr. Lilly and her rescuer, Detective Nathan Long back in this one.  New characters to love abound...Sophia is adorable (when she's not sick and screaming at the top of her lungs), and those knitting ladies are a hoot!

Even some background characters are memorable, like Lee's Confidential Informant...well, he's not LEE'S, but he could be...anyway, he's cool.  Jordyn creates memorable people who move in and make themselves at home in your imagination.

It's just, you see...not all of them are people you want hanging around for long.  But I can't really divulge who those might be.  You'll have to read for yourself to find out who's who.  And the outcome is a doozie!

Be warned, oh late-night-reader: the curves are steep, the turns are hairpin and the emotion is palpable.  "Poison" is oh, so good!  In fact, I believe in Jordyn's work so much I went out and bought my own copy! (Been promised a freebie, so keep watching for a rare giveaway opportunity).

Jordyn Redwood is an author on my top ten list of "Oh, please give me that book!" authors (i.e., must read), and "Poison" is highly recommended.  Don't forget about "Proof", the first novel in her Bloodline Trilogy...but this one is waaaaayyyyy better...and that's saying something!

Happy Reading!



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