Wednesday, March 13, 2013

For Love of Eli by Loree Lough

About the Book: 

When unspeakable tragedy leaves young Eli an orphan, two families are devastated. But Taylor, Eli’s aunt and legal guardian, vows to help him remember his parents by creating a Memory Quilt.
As she begins piecing together the moments of his parents' lives, the story of the young family emerges and Taylor and Eli begin to heal. But Eli’s uncle Reece is slow to let go of the past and still blames Taylor’s brother for his sister’s death.
So, although he has long been attracted to Taylor, Reece keeps a safe distance away. Can their shared love for Eli pave the way to forgiveness or will Taylor and Reece be separated by pain?

My Thoughts:

This is another book from the "Quilts of Love" series that I just adore!  Loree Lough packs a lot of emotion into the pages of her stories, and "For Love of Eli" is at least a three hanky read!

Eli is adorable and extremely smart--almost too smart.  If I had one complaint, it was keeping track of his age.  While he is supposed to be three-years-old, he seemed more like an elementary aged child through most of the story.  Making him eight or nine wouldn't have really changed much and would have fit his personality.

Taylor is a sweetheart and a true servant.  She runs her business with professionalism and heart.  It would be such a treat to stay at her bed-and-breakfast inn, The Misty Wolf!

Her heart is so huge, I was afraid she would be taken advantage of by her long time friend, so I kept my eye on Jimmy...he's a character all his own!  Then there's Tootie and Isaac and Julia and many characters to love.

But don't be fooled into thinking this is a light-hearted romantic story.  Nope, you'll most definitely have to break out the tissues for this story.  Taylor's history alone will have you sobbing as you read...and inspired as well.

Reece most definitely needed to loosen up, and loving Eli helps him find his inner little boy.  Between Eli and Taylor flooding his life with emotion and light, Reece becomes the man you want him to be by story's end.

The quilt concept is gorgeous, and makes me wish I could sew.  I'm sure lots of readers will be inspired to follow in Taylor's stitches after reading "For Love of Eli".  I received an advance copy of the book from Abingdon Press in exchange for an honest review.

I've read several novels from the "Quilts of Love" series, and I've enjoyed all of the stories...but I think this one is my new favorite.  "For Love of Eli" is highly recommended, and you can find it in bookstores today.

Happy Reading!



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