Friday, April 20, 2012

I Blame Eve by Susanna Foth Aughtmon

Back Cover Blurp: When our great-to-the-nth-degree grandmother Eve ate the fruit, we lost out on the perfect life. But that doesn't stop us from trying, does it? In fact, we make trying to be perfect the focus of our entire lives! But what would happen if we stopped trying to be perfect and started trying to be his? In this fantastically witty book, Susanna Foth Aughtmon helps women find out what it means to be honest about what we crave in life and let go of our deep need to be in control. Using Scripture and amusing personal stories, she shows women the freedom of embracing the unique path God lays out for each of us. Includes study questions to facilitate group or individual use.

My Thoughts: First of all, if this post looks funky, blame Blogger! New way to post has me confused....So, about the book. Susanna has a very unique sense of humor, and her writing is filled with both wit and wisdom. I've read all of her books, and enjoyed every one. Chapters include "I Would Listen to a Talking Snake" and "I Think I Need Some Fig Leaves to Cover Up My Shame". Even though the title leaves Eve holding the proverbial bag, Susanna paints a clear picture of how, in her position, we'd have done the same thing. I received my copy of "I Blame Eve" from Revell Publishing, and I recommend this book to you!

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