Friday, January 6, 2012

Waking Hours by Lis Wiehl (with Pete Nelson)

If you like your novels with a 'things that go bump in the night' flavor, then you won't want to miss the first in a trilogy by FOX News personality Lis Wiehl. I've enjoyed her other series, but this is completely different, and has a heavy supernatural tone.

"Waking Hours" is one of three novels set in East Salem (hence, the name of the series), which already sounds creepy by title and locale. Seems that every small town has her secrets, but how many of them involve evil beings and murder?

Forensic psychologist Dani Harris is called in when a local teen is picked up on suspicion of murdering a classmate. But nothing is as it appears, so don't get comfortable thinking you know 'whodunit'...suspects begin coming out of the woodwork, and no one can remember what happened.

Retired football legend Tommy Gunderson has his own creepy doings to figure out when a well-known author, suffering from Alzheimer's, shows up on his property reciting in an odd language and handling a dead amphibian. Could these events be linked, and if so how?

Interest in the supernatural is at an all-time high among teens and young adults. Turn on your television and you'll find a wealth of shows, check your local theater listings, or browse the bookshelves at your local bookstores.

Lis Wiehl takes the creepy factor and adds a more complete understanding of the dangerous side of messing with demons, crafting a novel that will keep you up in the wee hours. The writing could be a bit tighter, but the characters are lively and the action seems evenly paced.

Lots of loose threads to be tied up in the second book (hopefully), which I'm eagerly waiting to read. My thanks to my friends at Thomas Nelson for my sneak preview. "Waking Hours" is available now at bookstores everywhere and is recommended.

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