Thursday, January 5, 2012

That's My Girl by Rick Johnson

Dad's everywhere, sit up and pay attention! Author Rick Johnson has written a thorough and easy-to-read book on understanding and relating to your daughter(s)--and it's one of the most transparent books I've read on the topic.

"That's My Girl" opens with stories about Rick's relationship with his daughter, Kelsey. The two have had some rocky years, but now work in ministry together, helping other fathers and daughters avoid some common pitfalls and to grow together as she grows into a young woman.

The early chapters discuss biology, and while I know dads will find it useful, it may be more information than they wanted to know! I could see my husband skipping over these pages, and asking me to give him the shorthand version.

Rick shares from his own father/daughter relationship, and he's honest with Kelsey's permission. It was refreshing to read honest stories that share both successes and failures. Too often I've read parenting books that have left me feeling inadequate and Rick's doesn't do that...we're walking similar roads.

He goes on to share about communicating with your daughter, bonding with her and what he's learned that a girl needs from her father. I think my favorite chapters were the later ones: 'Danger, Will Robinson!' and 'Uh-Oh! She's Becoming a Woman!' were excellent.

Something else I truly appreciated was Rick's 'old-fashioned' desire to be his daughter's protector. That might fly in the face of modern psychology and relationship therapy...but it's truth, and it's vital. out for your little girls, whether she likes it or not!

In all, I found "That's My Girl" to be engaging, accurate, and very easy to read. My thanks to Donna at Revell for my complimentary copy. I enjoyed this one so much I may have to hunt for a copy of Rick's book on boys, "That's My Son".

For now, "That's My Girl" is recommended. Wish we'd had this book when my girls were little!

Happy Reading!



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Rick Johnson said...

Hi Deena,
Thanks for your nice review of my book. I appreciate your insights and willingness to share them. Blessings,