Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Mother Road by Jennifer AlLee

Sibling rivalry, Alzheimer's, and nostalgia...just a few of the topics that pop up in Jennifer AlLee's newest novel, "The Mother Road". Buckle up, reading might be a bit bumpy!

Natalie Marino's picture-perfect life is crumbling before her eyes. Her husband has been having an affair, which is painful in itself...but now he wants a divorce. And it would seem no hope for reconciliation, since his mistress is expecting a baby.

As if the affair wasn't enough, there's a baby...something Natalie has wanted so desperately, but hasn't been able to conceive. To top it all off, her entire career is based on marriage and living marriage well. This scandal could ruin her both personally and professionally.

When the call comes that Natalie's mother is getting worse, suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, it's apparent that the time has come to return home. This gives time for Natalie's broken heart to heal, and might be the perfect time to heal another broken relationship...

...with her sister, Lindsay. The two siblings set off on a road trip down the 'Mother Road', Route 66...Natalie to escape the pain of a broken marriage and a shattered career, and Lindsay to run from an abusive relationship...


Two sisters, two expectant mothers (did I forget to mention that Lindsay is pregnant??), and one mother who's memories are rapidly becoming shadows. What else could happen along the way?

Um, Lindsay's boyfriend and the father of her baby in hot pursuit, maybe?? Oh, yeah!

Packed with heart-tugging moments and sprinklings of laughter, Jennifer's new novel was a joy to read. Traveling along the iconic Route 66 with these two sibling opposites was both entertaining and enlightening. Honestly, the only way to avoid sibling rivalry is to be an only child!

I've enjoyed getting to know Jennifer AlLee through her stories, and I'm falling in love with Abingdon Press Fiction! My thanks to my friends at for my advanced copy of "The Mother Road". This one is recommended for those wintery evenings by the fire...road trip, anyone?

Happy Reading!



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