Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Date by Krista McGee

I'm young at heart, I suppose...that would explain my love for YA fiction. This particular book caught my eye for two reasons. First and foremost, a new author (Yay!) to discover, and second...

...the story is loosely based on the Book of Esther...yeah, THAT Esther! Krista McGee blends Biblical truth and our culture's love of reality television to craft a new series for teens and young women that just may put her on the map of YA fiction.

"First Date" introduces us to Addy Davidson, a teen aged girl after my own heart. Addy is rather reserved, loyal to her friends (of which she has few), intelligent and well-read...and totally reluctant to stand in the spotlight.

With a bit of arm-twisting and some wise counsel from her guardian, Uncle Mike, she appears as a candidate for teen dating reality show called "The Book of Love". One hundred girls from across America hope to win the heart of the 'First Son', the president's son, and be his date for Senior Prom.

Yes, these girls have claws, and they aren't afraid to show them...when the cameras aren't rolling, of course! Addy is so far out of her comfort zone she has no clue where to begin, or how to share her faith with anyone. Thank goodness for Kara McKormick, Addy's complete opposite.

Everyone should have a friend like Kara, in my opinion. She's from a huge family that makes their home in Long Island, and they embrace Addy as one of their own. With both girls vying for prom date, they join forces against the mean girls and support one another through the challenges thrown their way.

Who will be escorting the president's son to prom? I'm not'll have to read the book for yourself! I enjoyed "The Book of Love". The writing is light-hearted...nothing gritty or earth-shattering. The characters are lovable, but a bit stereotyped. The bad guy is obvious, and the mean girls are true to form.

Truthfully, the stand-out character is Kara...which I'm excited about as she gets her own book this year. Overall, I'd say if you love YA fiction you'll enjoy "First Date". If you're a heavy-duty fan of Melody Carlson, you might find this one extra light reading.

Still, I think you'll love Krista McGee and find her to be a shelf-favorite. I know I have. "First Date" is published by Thomas Nelson and is available in bookstores everywhere (I purchased my copy).

Happy Reading!



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Holly Renee said...

I wasn't interested in this book before, but after reading your review, I think I'll give it a shot. Thanks!