Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Life and Lesser Catastrophes by Christina Schofield

I can honestly say that this is one of the best books I have ever had the privilege of reviewing. Christina Schofield is a woman after my own heart, and definitely filled with God's Spirit and His she's gut-wrenchingly honest while being laugh-out-loud funny.

Imagine you are cruising down the highway with the love of your life, celebrating another year of marriage with a brief romantic motorcycle ride before getting busy with the business of the day. Your precious three-year-old awaits you, you've just received word that the contract of your life will set your dream career on its proper path.

Overwhelmed, you send up a prayer of praise and thanks to God for all He's done and is going to do in your life and through your life.

Next thing you know you're in the emergency room, stunned, dazed and confused. Your husband is fighting for his life, all because of a small patch of gravel. Nothing will ever be the same. That's where we begin our journey with Christina, popular children's book illustrator and all around wonderful Christian woman.

So, how do you respond when life just doesn't make sense? When all of your good works and proper obedience don't gain you the safe, trouble free existence you'd expected? What do you do when the one you love most on this earth is no longer the man you married, and you have no idea how life will now turn out?

If you're like Christina, you pray, you weep, you question, you lean...and you learn a whole lot from the Father and His plans...which quite often are not the same as our plans. What a journey she is on with the One!

The book is thoroughly engaging and enjoyable reading, yet painful and filled with emotion. Christina hides nothing...she is completely transparent and real in the telling of her story...which is still being told, by the way. Oh, her journey is far from over.

In some ways, it's just beginning! I respect and admire her and her family, her church family, and her relationship with God so very much. The true beauty of the book? It's all God. There's simply no way a human being can do this without His Spirit, His mercy, His grace...strength...wisdom...and His Body, the church.

A gorgeous testimony of real and genuine faith, "My Life and Lesser Catastrophes" is a must-read. My thanks to my friends at Chosen Books, and I highly recommend you pick up a copy for you...and for a friend. Believe it or not, you'll be greatly inspired.

Happy Reading!



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