Friday, November 11, 2011

The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson

What would your town do if a strange person came in, purchased prime retail property and was so secretive about plans for the business opening soon? The town of Parrish Springs didn't take so kindly to such happenings...until even stranger things began to occur.

I look forward to the Christmas novellas each and every year, and Melody Carlson writes a new story without fail. Normally, I enjoy her tales...but this one was just so-so for me. I think it was because this particular story had less of a 'Christmasy' feeling to it.

Matilda Honeycutt was the main character, but she seemed to remain in the background for the largest part of the story. Her quirkiness was discussed, but I kept forgetting what she looked like and never could quite pinpoint her age.

Maybe I wasn't supposed to.

The shop felt a bit disappointment as well. Instead of a magical holiday feel, or even a holy moment feeling, the shop was basically what the town dreaded...with a twist, of course.

Maybe that was what Matilda intended...a twist for those who entered.

And the dwellers of Parrish Springs for the most part weren't very likable, with rare exception. They quickly judged Matilda and her shop and found both very wanting...kind of like I felt about the story itself.

I think I missed the point. Hopefully, you won't when you pick up a copy of "The Christmas Shoppe". Melody Carlson is one of the most versatile authors in Christian publishing, and she writes quite a few books each year, capping the year off with her Christmas novella.

So I'm mildly recommending this new release, simply because Melody writes a good story...I just personally didn't engage as I usually do. I'm guessing many of my readers will love "The Christmas Shoppe" and fall in love with Melody's storytelling abilities.

Which is a good thing, because you'll find lots to love with Melody's books, written for all age groups from littles to tweens to teens and on up to...well, MY age! My thanks to Donna at Revell for an opportunity to review "The Christmas Shoppe".

You can find a copy of "The Christmas Shoppe" at retail booksellers everywhere. See what you discover at Matilda Honeycutt's Christmas Shoppe. And feel free to leave a comment and nicely disagree with me if you enjoy the book.

Happy Reading!



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