Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Confident Heart by Renee Swope

When I began writing book reviews online, I had a dual purpose, but my primary goal was ministry. Nothing like having God 'send' you a request to review a book that YOU thought you selected, but actually He brought across your path to remind you of ministry!!

Through my wonderful friend (Hi, Donna!) at Revell Publishing, I had the opportunity to read the perfect book by the woman with the credentials to write it...the LIFE credentials. Renee Swope is an author, but she was a woman first, and she shares candidly about her journey to have "A Confident Heart" in her new book.

First, let me say to you and to Revell, I LOVED the endorsements for this book! These were written by everyday women from areas across the states, all sharing the variety of ways God has used Renee's book to move hearts and change lives.

The book contains twelve chapters and is basically divided into three parts. The first five chapters discuss the journey Renee has taken in her faith and her life, understanding why and how God wants us all to have "A Confident Heart".

The next five chapters examine each of five 'doubt whispers' we hear in our ear, such as "I'm not good enough" or "I don't have anything special to offer". God helped me with that last one with the use of a simple four-slice toaster...a magnificent story--if you'd like to hear it, email me!

Chapters Eleven and Twelve conclude the book with "The Woman I Want to Be" and "Living in the Security of God's Promises". Each chapter is like the cement that will help hold Renee's message in place, so don't skip these last two chapters!

Renee writes in a conversational style, which I absolutely love. With my difficulty in concentrating lately, I would have loved some 'pop up' quotes from the book along the way to 'hang my hat on'....but that's more about format than content. Each chapter ends with a prayer and a set of questions to journal or to discuss with a buddy or a small group.

And each prayer is praying God's Word back to Him...with the Scripture references listed at the end of each prayer. How cool is THAT, giving us even MORE of His Word and MORE to study along the way!!

Another thing Renee is consistent to do is pack each chapter with Scripture. While reading about her story you'll find God's Word affirming her points and proving her testimony. I LOVED reading about Sam! Who's Sam? Well, you'll just have to read the book!

Revell has a gem in this publication, and Renee will be blessing women (and men and young people!) for years to come with her book. So thankful she was so faithful to the message God gave her to write. Buy a copy to read: better yet, buy two! One for you and one for a friend, and walk this journey to "A Confident Heart" together!

Again, my thanks to my friends at Revell Publishing for my copy. "A Confident Heart" receives five out of five bookmarks from me, and is available at bookstores everywhere, as well as directly from Revell and from Renee Swope. Oh, and as for a charm??

It's a shiny red heart, of course!

Happy Reading!



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