Monday, May 2, 2011

Wolfsbane by Ronie Kendig

I've read every novel Ronie Kendig has written, and each story gets richer, more complex, and more true to life. With her newest release in the Discarded Heroes series, Ronie pushes the envelope and sets the bar higher than ever before.

Want to see what life looks like when you live in your own strength and understanding? Watch Canyon "Midas" Metcalfe for awhile. A former Green Beret, he's left the service to his country under a cloud of suspicion. A clandestine mission went horribly wrong, leaving innocent civilians dead in his wake.

Joining Nightshade is Canyon's redemption. Meeting Danielle Roarke is his downfall.

Returned to the US after being held captive for months of agonizing torture and sexual abuse, Danielle comes with evidence that will rock the Venuezualen goverment to its core.

Too bad her own government doesn't believe her. Now under threat of prosecution, Danielle must return to the lion's den and pray she isn't devoured while she hunts for more evidence to clear her name.

This time she goes with Nightshade as her protective detail, along with Canyon, the man who's captured her heart. Good plan, right? But Canyon is hiding a secret that may jeopardize the mission, Danielle...and his honor as a soldier, as a man...and as one who claims faith in Christ.

Can he find a way to turn loose and trust God before everything in his life is truly ruined? And can Danielle find healing not in Canyon's arms, but in God's protective embrace?

Betrayal, addiction, love vs. lust, family honor...these are but a few themes Ronie tackles in her most ambitious novel to date. Be warned: she's got some surprises packed in this story...and not all are pleasant.

But if you hang in until the end, you'll find a rewarding story of redemption, honor, and second chances. I always say who's my favorite, and he always happens to be the hero I'm currently reading about.

Honestly, I really believe Canyon just may be my absolute favorite of our Discarded Heroes. He's by far the most flawed of the bunch...and the most human. He may be the one who shows many readers the way back home.

Ronie does push the boundaries with this story. Some readers may take offense at some of the scenes...I beg you...don't. While she goes places few authors would, she does so with taste, purpose, and the truth of God's Word shining in every dark corner.

I know most authors shy away from comparisons, favorable or not. I can't help but remember another fictional family I used to long to be a member of...the O'Malleys. I had that same longing creep over me as I met Canyon's kin. Willow is an amazing and straight-forward sister, Range is hilarious and honorable. Leif is the typical baby of the family, and Stone is someone I'd want in my corner.

In other words....I wanna be a Metcalfe!! Hey, Ronie...there's another series for you to think about:-)

I'm thrilled to give "Wolfsbane" five out of five bookmarks, with an envelope as a charm...sealed with a kiss because I LOVED this story!! I'm also voting it "Best in Series for 2011"! Now if I can only last until "Firethorne" releases in 2012....*sigh*

GET "Wolfsbane", released by Barbour Publishing...and don't miss "Nightshade" ad "Digitalis" while you're at it!

Happy Reading!



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Rel said...

Deena ~ excellent review of an excellent book :)

Just LOVE Ronie's style!

Hope you are well

Sara said...

Wow! As if I wasn't excited enough already to read this book! What a great review. I adore the men of Nightshade and think Cowboy is my fave...but maybe Canyon will give him a good run for his money! :) Cannot wait for this book.

Ronie Kendig said...

Wow! What a fantastic review, Deena. Thank you so much. I so appreciate the time you took to write such a well thought-out one. You RAWK!