Monday, May 2, 2011

An Eye For Glory By Karl Bacon

I just finished one of the best books I've ever my life. Considering how much I read...that's really saying something. Karl Bacon's debut in Christian fiction needs to make a huge splash...because his book could have a huge impact.

When my son did a unit study on the Civil War, I learned quite a bit about that period in our nation's history. In fact, I thought I had a good grasp on that event...was I ever wrong. I've learned more reading Karl's novel that I ever would learn in a lifetime.

And to think...I almost passed on this book...

"An Eye For Glory" takes place during the years during and after the Civil War. Michael Palmer has everything a man could ever ask for: a beautiful and loving wife, two wonderful children, a prosperous business, and a solid faith. But when his nation is split in two, he takes up the call to arms to defend his country and to abolish slavery.

Michael has no idea what he has just enlisted for. The book opens with a letter to his children, telling them that he's going to do his best to share with them what his life was like and how he became the man they knew him to be.

The bulk of the story is written as a war journal, chronicling Michael's life as a Union soldier. Months of hardship toughen him. Months of being away from his family cause him to ache for their faces, hugs, and companionship. Months of brutal, intense fighting anger him.

Detail is rich, but not tedious. You'll find yourself on the front lines with Michael. You'll feel the bayonet as he attaches it to his musket, hearing the call to arms as loudly as if you were there. You'll slog through mud, feeling the biting cold and the blistering heat as you trudge along with him to the next battlefield.

Description is so three dimensional you'll be tempted to duck as the musketballs soar by...and you'll feel each painful loss as man after man is cut down in one of the bloodiest conflicts we've ever seen rages on.

The day comes when Michael's belly is full of fire, and you'll understand why he becomes the killing machine he does...but when he breaks, you'll break with him. Be prepared to see God, His mercy, forgiveness, and sustenance in a fresh, new way.

I felt a bit deceived by the back cover copy. The book ends with Michael's journey to return a precious keepsake...but the war is Michael's first journey, and it takes up the majority of the book.

Civil War buffs will be in history heaven with this well researched novel. I've heard that it took Karl a decade to put this fine piece of literature together. Karl, it was worth every day you dug deep into our nation's history.

"An Eye For Glory" is one of the finest pieces of literature I've ever encountered. If Karl never pens another novel, this one will stand the test of time and is destined to be a classic story...but what a shame if Karl doesn't write again! He truly has God-given talent for telling a story.

I'm looking forward to more from Karl Bacon. Once you have "An Eye For Glory", I think you will, too. I'm voting it "Best Historical Fiction of 2011", and I'm so thankful to my friends at Zondervan for taking a chance and sending me my advance copy.

"An Eye For Glory" is available now at bookstores everywhere. Do yourself a favor and get a copy...and be thinking about Dad on Father's Day!

Happy Reading!



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Nise' said...

As a lover of historical fiction, this one sounds like I HAVE to read it!