Friday, May 20, 2011

Project Dad by Todd Cartmell

From the clever cover to the conversational writing inside, I'd say Todd Cartmell has crafted a book for dads of any age and at any stage. He's made it clear that we're always learning, and we have constant opportunities to hit a home run in teaching our children.

Todd has my kind of sense of humor...loved his illustration about knowing what your child prefers and the penguins! And he is so right...when a dad just knows what would satisfy you or make you happy...when he demonstrates that he really knows you...there's no greater feeling.

I was about ten years old and I had the worst flu I'd ever had. Fever, aches, chills...and nothing seemed to make me feel better. Dad had run out for more medication and probably some Gatorade (which I hate to this day). I remember him coming in and heading straight for me, not even taking his coat off.

He had the meds and the drinks...but he had an extra bag with him. Seems my dad took the time to select a couple of books for me. This was huge. Dad could barely read, and it wasn't like we were well off financially. Who knew how much this health crisis would ultimately cost?

But he had selected two hard cover novels. One was a compliation of teenage love stories (from the 1970's, so they were hyper sweet and barely kissed in those stories).

Ah, the the other one....that one changed my reading life. It was "Trixie Belden and the Black Jacket Mystery". Sure, it was book #7 in the series (I didn't develop my series obssession until much later in life). Still, meeting Trixie, Honey and the rest of her gang was like meeting new best friends.

Dad knew how much I loved to read. Now he knew how much books were my friends and how much Trixie and company meant to me. He made it his mission to find and purchase every Trixie tale he could find, which then lead to Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys...and any series that had myteries and clues in them.

So, pick up "Project Dad". I think you'll gain a lot from the entire book. At least you'll realize the importance of really knowing your children and how much it means to your child.

My thanks to Donna Hausler at Revell for my copy. I'm giving my copy to an older dad, and getting another copy for a younger dad. And saying another prayer of thanks for my dad.

"Project Dad" gets four out of five bookmarks from me, with a toolbox as a charm.
Happy Reading!



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apple blossom said...

This is a good book. I reviewed it. Good ideas for moms as well as dads.
I have it up for giveaway until June 1st.