Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Chocolate Diaries by Karen Scalf Linamen

Few authors get me in trouble with my husband. Karen Scalf Linamen consistently gets me in hot water...I'm not allowed to read her books when hubby wants to sleep...seems my laugh-out-loud and uncontrollable snorts of tear-rolling giggles keep me him awake...and wanting to hear what's so funny.

The tradition lives on in Karen's newest book, "The Chocolate Diaries", published by Waterbrook Press (my thanks to them for my hilarious copy). If you're alive, most likely your life is stressful. Karen is sharing stories from women just like us: women who are finding healthier ways to cope with life's mounting stress.

And the smartest women seem to find a way to incorporate chocolate into their de-stress routines! Seriously, you'll find stories you can relate to, some shared from Karen's life. You'll enjoy tidbit ideas for how to cope, find hope, and make sure you're leaning into Jesus.

And along the way you'll find some fun recipes and ideas of enjoying the fifth food group--CHOCOLATE! Seems Karen has become a literary conniseur of chocolate...this is her third book on the topic...and each book gets sweeter and more relevant.

I've been a huge fan of Karen's writing for many years, and I enjoyed every page of "The Chocolate Diaries". Once again, if I ever become independently wealthy, this book goes on my 'buy every woman I know a copy' list. It's that good.

I'm giving "The Chocolate Diaries" five out of five bookmarks with a bag of peanut M&M's as a charm. Buy your copy today and you'll have some "Chocolate 911" recipes to have as a destress back-up!

Happy Reading!



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