Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Imagination Station series by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker

Allow me to introduce you to a new series of chapter books that will satisfy fans of "Adventures In Odyssey" and be a great help to homeschool families, too!

"Imagination Station" encourages children to read and to use their imaginations. These books are easy to read chapter books that will blend with any curriculum, or provide some great reading any time. Each book takes the reader to a chapter in history.

"Voyage with the Vikings" introduces the series. Cousins Patrick and Beth must find a Sunstone, fulfilling the mission found in a mysterious letter Mr. Whitaker discovered in his workshop. The two cousins journey through time to meet Erik the Red, a Viking who wants nothing to do with this new God.

Can Patrick and Beth find the Sunstone and stop Erik's son, Leif, from sailing away to the Imagination Station?

Book Two has Patrick and Beth traveling to ancient Rome in search of a special silver cup. On this journey, the cousins get separated: Beth is enslaved by the emperor and Patrick meets a wise monk named Telemachus.

When the three meet up together, it's in the infamous Roman arena! Can they find the cup, deliver a vital message, and escape with their lives? Or is this it for the time-traveling duo?

These books are engaging, filled with just the right amount of adventure and mystery, but also with important historical detail. Mr. Whitaker makes an appearance in each book, and both boys and girls can identify with the story through the eyes of either Patrick or Beth.

My son has been a fan of "Adventures in Odysssey" since he was around three or four years old. He's seventeen now, but when I showed him these new books, he got excited. I believe his exact words were, "Cool, Mom! Do I get to read them?"

"Imagination Station" books are published by Focus on the Family and Tyndale, and are available in bookstores everywhere. To learn more, or to get interactive with the series, visit

I'm giving the entire series five out of five bookmarks with a key as a they will help unlock imaginations everywhere. My thanks to Debbie Lykins for my copies!

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