Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who Is My Shelter? by Neta Jackson

In this fourth and final book, Neta Jackson takes us full circle. We began with the Fairbanks marriage crumbling, leaving Gabby asking the question, "Where Do I Go?". As things progressed from bad to worse, Gabby wondered, "Who Do I Talk To?". Then, as life began to brighten, we pondered along with Gabby, "Who Do I Lean On?"

As we end another engaging and relevant series, we all ask with Gabby Fairbanks, "Who Is My Shelter?", the last of the 'Yada Yada House of Hope' series. Gabby Fairbanks is on top of the world, owning the 'House of Hope' transitional housing, back to raising her boys, and enjoying her work at Manna House, the homeless shelter where she discovered hope.

Now her estranged husband, Philip, is needing help from HER. Seems his life has taken a downward spiral and he's reaching out to Gabby, seeming to ask forgiveness for all he's done.

But can Gabby trust him? Is he for real, or is this yet another ploy to manipulate her and steal from her...her joy, her security, her sons...her money??

And what about that cute young attorney who's been helping Gabby get things in order? Is God giving her the go-ahead to pursue things with Lee Boyer? It's obvious he wants more than a working relationship. What does Gabby want?

And what about her work? It's hard to be program director, raise two rambunctious boys, and run an apartment complex...ha! COMPLEX is the right word for Gabby's life at this stage!

So who will Gabby lean on? The Yada Yada sisters she's grown to love? Her husband who seems repentant? A new beau? Her own wisdom? Just how will she answer the question, a question we all need to ask: "Who Is My Shelter?"

Neta writes memorable characters and engaging stories that speak to the heart of today's woman. Note I did not say CHRISTIAN woman...because Neta's novels speak to those who believe and those who need to believe.

By tackling issues some are to skittish to touch, Neta has crafted a world I sometimes wish I lived in! A neighborhood of women who aren't afraid to 'get up in each other's business' and who truly believe in the power of prayer and the Word.

I'm sad to see Gabby's story end, but I'm confident that God isn't through using Neta's creative talent to reach us through story. In the meantime, "Who Is My Shelter" receives the Golden Bookmark for Writing Excellence and a set of praying hands...to remind us all our SHELTER is God.

My thanks to my friends at Thomas Nelson for my copy of this book, and for bringing the Yada Yada women to the reading world. (And thanks to Neta, too, for creating such a world!)

Happy Reading!



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