Monday, March 21, 2011

Tea For Two by Trish Perry

Trish Perry writes with humor and heart, and her novels are always fun for a lazy afternoon. I picked up her latest novel late yesterday and had it finished by bedtime last night!

"Tea For Two" takes us back to Milly's tea shop, a delicious and entertaining place to hang out. The proprietor makes everyone feel right at home, and Milly is always cooking up something new and tasty.

Tina Milano has been bringing some of her counseling clients to Millicent's Tea Shop, hoping a more relaxed atmosphere might encourage the women to open up. But when Tina lays eyes on the produce guy, she can't seem to focus on anything else.

Zack Cooper found Tina attractive and intriguing as well, but he's more than got his hands full. He's a single parent with two teenagers, both in full blown rebellion. Between keeping tabs on Dylan and Sherry, managing his produce farm and struggling with unresolved feelings toward his ex-wife....

...the last thing Zack needs is a relationship. But counseling? That just might be helpful!

When counseling seems to be evolving into much more, who will be the first to run scared? And how will Zack's kids handle the possibility of a woman in their dad's life?

I always enjoy a novel by Trish Perry, and I think the "Tea With Millicent" series is my new favorite. Don't miss the first book, "The Perfect Blend", but you can read "Tea For Two" as a stand-alone.

I'm giving "Tea For Two" four out of five bookmarks, with a teaspoon as a charm. My thanks to my friends at Harvest House for my copy.

Happy Reading!



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