Friday, February 11, 2011

Passport Through Darkness by Kimberly L. Smith

As demands on my time grow, I find myself getting a little pickier about what I read. I'm always on the hunt for books that will move me, change me, make me think, or shake me up. Kimberly L. Smith has done all of that with her book, and I honestly believe it could be one of the most important books you read this year.

"Passport Through Darkness" is by no means easy to read. Some of the events Kimberly describes will leave you shaken to your very core. Some will appall you; some will make you weep; some will leave you burning in anger; some will have you so frustrated you'll yearn to make a difference.

That was what motivated Kimberly. She left her corporate career and comfortable lifestyle for the mission field of Spain, working along with her husband, Martin. What neither of them knew was God had moved them across the globe to a mere jumping off point.

Circumstances led the couple to Portugal, to work side-by-side with a struggling mission effort to impoverished and orphaned children. But what the Smiths uncovered in that orphanage turned my stomach, and sent Kimberly on a mission to stop child-trafficking and to rescue orphans in the darkest parts of the world.

Her mission efforts took her to Sudan and Darfur, areas plagued with disease, genocide, war and atrocities that are mind-boggling to many of us. She worked with nothing to rescue those who were society's throw-aways. Often Kimberly's efforts seemed in vain.

Except to the ones she touched in Christ's love and helped out of a world consumed by darkness and evil.

Reading "Passport Through Darkness" will jar you out of your comfortable seat. If you are going through struggles of your own, it will help put those struggles into perspective. And, hopefully, it will motivate all of us to reach out in the name of Jesus to help make a difference.

This isn't just social gospel...this is the real deal. And some of the things Kimberly endured are simple atrocious. And yet she returned, time after time, working tirelessly to help save one child, one life.

Kimberly is brutally honest about her own personal walk with Christ and her relationship with her husband. When debilitating illness kept him stateside, she continued to work as a missionary, which strained her relationships at home.

And she was reluctant to share all she had witnessed for fear of what the outcome might be...secrets that nearly cost her all she held dear. This is a book with multiple layers, and a rich reading experience.

My thanks to Audra Jennings at B&B Media for my copy, and to Kimberly for stepping out in faith and writing such a moving book. I'm giving "Passport Through Darkness" the Golden Bookmark for Writing Excellence" and urging everyone to get a copy. This book is published by David C. Cook and is available at bookstores everywhere.

Visit to learn more about Kimberly and Martin Smith and their outreach worldwide.

Happy Reading!



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