Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Me Project by Kathi Lipp

This is now the third book by Kathi Lipp that I've toured, and that ought to tell you something...but in case it doesn't, let me say it: I really, really enjoy her books! But this book is the book 'she was meant to write'.

She said so, and I agree.

While "The Me Project" may sound a bit self-serving, it is so far removed from 'self' that I almost wish the publisher had selected a different title. However, it is a book about looking closely at the life we are living and determining just what God has for us to do, and if we're actually doing it.

Kathi opens by talking about her own moment of 'aha', discovering what she was made for. This also isn't a book about stay-at-home vs. working women/wives/moms. This is a book that asks us to take time out to really think about what makes us delight, what moves us, what lights us up.

And then asks why we don't pursue that something.

She talks about her '50/50' journal...a special journal designed to examine her dreams and goals, and then to allow space to dream, plan and work toward achieving those dreams and goals...a 'bucket list' but not with kicking the proverbial bucket in mind!

Kathi includes an agreement for us to sign, committing to "The Me Project", a 21 day path to figuring out our calling and putting feet to it. She highly encourages group participation, but not small group study in and of itself....more like a group of motivators, keeping one another moving and on track.

Then, each chapter that follows is one of 21 days toward really becoming the you God designed...fulfilling His callings, using His giftings, and having that rich and full life Jesus spoke of in Scripture. Finding our purpose and then giving it all we've got.

Two things I absolutely love about Kathi Lipp's books...actually, make that three. One, the plan she lays out isn't carved in stone, but is flexible and easily applied to any life and lifestyle. While direct, it is still unique.

Second, Kathi's writing is conversational and engaging. Never will you feel talked down to or preached at...and you'll never have the sense that she has it all together and she's showing you how it's done...on the contrary! Kathi will be the first to tell you she herself is a work in progress and we're all enjoying the journey together!

And finally, she lays it out in doable, easy steps that don't overwhelm or overtax us...because we're all busy, most of us are stressed, and we tend to be overcommitted, don't we?? But Kathi's design eliminates all of those factors, making each book a gentle time of examination and discovery.

"The Me Project" also takes faith and trust in God's design and makes it most important. Kathi shares instances where she had no clear direction and asked her movtivation team to pray and ask for God's direction. He always takes first place in the decisions laid out in the book.

The great thing about God is, even within His will and His plans, the sky can be the limit! So pick up a copy of "The Me Project" and get to dreaming! And don't forget to pick up a really cool journal for your '50/50 Journal' with lots of space to fill!

My thanks to Kathi Lipp and Kathy Carlton Willis for my copy. "The Me Project" is published by Harvest House Publishers, and I'm giving it four out of five bookmarks, with an airline ticket as a charm...because one of MY dreams is to go to Israel one day!

Happy Reading!



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