Friday, February 25, 2011

A Billion Reasons Why by Kristen Billerbeck

Looking for a reading experience to brighten up these gloomy, wintery days?? Kristen Billerbeck's newest novel is perfect to cozy up with, and will bring some sunshine into your well as laughter and love!

Katie McKenna can think of "A Billion Reasons Why" she should love her life: a teacher for specal-needs autistic children gives her fulfillment, a stable relationship with a man who balances her, and a treasured friendship that has withstood the test of time...all things to be grateful for.

Katie can also think of "A Billion Reasons Why" she should remain as far from Luc DeForges as she possibly can: their tumultuous history, disatrous and humiliating ending, and the pain she still carries from his supposed betrayal.

On the other hand, Luc DeForges can think of one reason why Katie MUST attend his baby brother's wedding, MUST return to her roots in New Orleans, and MUST give him a chance to set the record straight between them.

So, what does Katie's closest friends think? Dexter seems fine with his almost fiance traveling back in time...I mean, back to New Orleans. Their relationship is a stable, secure Christ-based relationship. Nothing to worry about, right?

Her best friend from childhood, Eileen, doesn't trust Luc as far as she can throw him, and warns Katie against going to the wedding. Being the friend she is, her arrival in New Orleans may keep Katie from going over the edge...or will it push her over?

Secrets are uncovered and memories are recalled, resulting in a heart-warming, humorous romantic tale that is a guaranteed winner. This is one story I didn't want to see end, and I'd be up for a sequel or two (hint! hint!).

I can think of "A Billion Reasons Why" you should get a copy...and I'll give you one good one! I'm giving Kristen's novel five out of five bookmarks, with a fedora as a charm...bought my hubby one on our second honeymoon, and DO look yummy in them!

Thanks to Audra at B&B Media Group for my copy! "A Billion Reasons Why" is published by Thomas Nelson and is available now.

Happy Reading!



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