Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flying Solo by Denise Hildreth Jones

Most books on divorce are either how-to on getting a divorce on or coping with a divorce. Denise Hildreth Jones took a different direction with her book. Pulling from her personal journals, she shares life after divorce...all of the emotion, pain, growth and change.

"Flying Solo" chronicles Denise's first year of learning to walk the valley of divorce. She holds little back, save the details of the why's and wherefore's of the dissolution of her marriage to Contemporary Christian artist, Jonathan Pierce.

Instead of sharing sordid details, her book shares her thoughts, emotions and struggles as she navigates the waters of being alone after years of companionship through marriage.

Two messages ring loudly and clearly in her book: you can't do this alone, and you can't do this without God. I'd even be willing to state with absolute certainty that this book would never have been written were it not for God.

I realize that divorce is still a controversial subject in the church today, something I find odd considering how many families divorce has touched. However, you cannot deny nor ignore the truth found in the pages of "Flying Solo".

Denise is a fantastic author, able to create characters that are instantly easy to relate to and fully fleshed out. In "Flying Solo", she is her own character, and we watch her develop, change and become the Denise God designed her to be.

She shares her own faults and failings, her struggles and triumphs, and the myriad of choices that threaten to cripple or damage her. But Denise also is quick to point the way to Christ, and watching her faith change and develop was a joy.

No one ever dreams of getting a divorce. At least, they shouldn't...if you do, there's something wrong with you! Circumstances and events sometimes bring about change that cannot be managed. And it takes two to make a marriage (actually three, but you get my point).

If you know someone struggling through the aftermath of a divorce, especially a woman, this is a wonderful book to give as a gift. I had a deeper and richer understanding of the issues faced and the emotions that run through you upon such a painful event.

I'll be forever grateful to Denise for trusting me with her book. And I'm so honored to call her my sister-in-Christ! I'm giving "Flying Solo" the Golden Bookmark for Writing Excellence, and asking you to consider reading this one for yourself, to give you a deeper and fuller understanding.

Let Denise and "Flying Solo" to equip you to be the kind of support and friend someone may need one day.

Happy Reading!



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