Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Suitor For Jenny by Margaret Brownley

I fell in love with Margaret's ability to tell a compelling and satisfying story with her first book in the "Rocky Creek Romance" series. Her second novel has sealed her spot on my 'must read' list...and knowing I'm not a huge fan of historical romance novels..that's HUGE!

Jenny Higgins has been both father and mother to her two younger sisters for so long she just doesn't know how to turn it off. But both are getting older and ready for families of their own...and Jenny knows just how to match them up.

Taking lessons from a book by Miss Abigail Jenkins, Jenny sets out for Rocky Creek, Texas...home of some of the wealthiest men according to a newspaper article. Surely she will fine marraigable material for Brenda and Mary Lou.

Trouble is...the town thinks SHE'S trouble! The men aren't fond of her tactics, and the women aren't fond of Jenny's agenda. When Mary Lou and Brenda find themselves fond of men Jenny rejects on their behalf...that's when the fun really kicks off!

US Marshall Rhett Armstrong has his hands full defending his townspeople from 'The Colonel'...and the fact that she's so adorable when she's riled up isn't helping him at all. But his own troubled past cautions him against love. Good thing Jenny marked him off her husband list...right?

Filled with humor, faith and a wonderful lesson on marriage according to God's Book, "A Suitor For Jenny" is an excellent follow up in this series. Margaret writes characters that are easy to believe in, and her plots are thickened with just a hint of suspense...

...that's why I'm pleased to give "A Suitor For Jenny" four out of five bookmarks with a parasol as a charm. I'm looking forward to her third book in the series! My thanks to my husband for purchasing this one for me after I told him how much I loved "A Lady Like Sarah"!

Both novels are available now from Thomas Nelson.

Happy Reading!



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