Monday, November 1, 2010

Emily's Chance by Sharon Gillenwater

I'm going to do something I rarely do here at My Bookshelf...

I'm going to endorse a book I haven't finished yet. In fact, I've only tackled the first four chapters...but I have that kind of confidence in Sharon Gillenwater and her fiction. She's THAT good and she's THAT solid in her writing.

"Emily's Chance" is a highly anticipated (by me, at least!) second novel in her 'Callahans of Texas' series, published by Revell. Emily Rose is fairly new to Callahan Crossing, Texas...but not so new she doesn't understand how things work around there.

Her position at the Callahan Crossing Historical Museum is only a stepping stone to bigger and better positions. Her ultimate goal? Curator of a metropolitan museum. But when a tragic event occurs, will Emily's dreams go up in smoke?

Chance Callahan is a cowboy on a mission...convincing Emily to remain in Callahan territory...and to realize she has taken up residence in his heart as well. Emily's tragedy has given Chance a golden opportunity to convince her she's needed and wanted right where she's at.

Only question is how taking a chance (HA!) on Emily will pan out for him...a broken heart, or someone to share his forevers with? Knowing those Texas Callahans, I'd say his chances (HA!) are pretty good.

Sharon always writes vivid stories with rich backdrops and vibrant characters...and she doesn't skimp on the message of Jesus, either! I have read many of her novels (some now out of print, which is a real shame) and I have never been disappointed. When Sharon tells a story, she really delivers on all levels, making her a favorite of mine.

I'm thrilled to give "Emily's Chance" four out of five bookmarks, with a tiny snowglobe museum as a charm...may be the only snow Callahan's Crossing gets this year! My thanks to Donna at Revell for my copy and for putting up with me:-)

Don't miss 'The Callahans of Texas', and be sure to take a chance (HA!) on "Emily's Chance"! And, just so you know, it's a severe lack of time to read, not a lack of interest...hmm, no reading WONDER I'm so cranky! (HA!)

Happy Reading!



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