Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Someone to Blame by C.S. Lakin

Here's a little something I've noticed: some books are action driven, and some are character driven. The latter can be harder to read as pages turn a bit more slowly, but in the end the experience is rich and satisfying.

C.S. Lakin taught me that in "Someone to Blame". Taking just over a week for me to finish, her newest story is well worth the time it takes to get from the first page to the last.

Matt and Irene Moore have just endured the most heart-breaking tragedy, and neither is able to surface for the air they need to survive. Maybe a move, a relocation--maybe that would help?

Escaping the memories that threaten to drown them may cost them in other ways. Fourteen-year-old daughter Casey is grieving in her own way, and blocking out the memories doesn't work for her. Her resentment seems to grow the farther they drive from their old home.

Settling in Breakers, a small north-western town, the chill in Irene's bones seems to go deeper rather than leaving her. Matt is cold to both her and to Casey, content to work himself to death remodeling homes for other, more whole families.

When an odd stranger enters the township of Breakers, things seem to shift in a physical way. Billy Thurber, a wanderer in search of work, comes with his own baggage...easily seen in his hard eyes.

Casey is inexplicably drawn to him...Matt is repelled, and Irene can't seem to stop mothering him. But when odd events begin occuring around town, blame is cast on Billy...evidence to the contrary or not--HE DID IT.

Chaos ensues, mirroring the chaos of the souls in this story, until the final climax is reached, revealing once and for all that each character is merely looking for "Someone to Blame".

Along the way we get bits and pieces of the tragedy that cracked the foundation of the Moore family, but we don't get Billy's full tale until the very end of the book. C.S. Lakin gives us just enough to keep the story moving forward...

...but not enough to speed up the pages. Instead, she encourages us with her words and her character development to put our feet up and settle in for a good, long experience with her fictional family.

This is the perfect book for Fall...curled up with a cup of something warm and a blanket on your lap...pick up a copy of "Someone to Blame" and let it seep into your soul...revealing your hidden desires for a scapegoat in your circumstances. After all, don't we all need "Someone to Blame" from time to time?

My thanks to my friends at Zondervan for my advanced copy. I'm giving this one four out of five bookmarks, with a rain slicker as a charm...it can get mighty foggy and rainy mighty fast in Breakers!

Happy Reading!



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