Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love Me Tender by Janice Hanna

I can only say this about a handful of authors I read, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart: you cannot go wrong when you pick up a book by Janice Hanna (Thompson). Regardless of the genre, the time period, or which name is on the front cover, by the end you'll be smiling so big your face will ache and you'll be longing for the next story to be in your hands!

"Love Me Tender" was a real treat. I kept trying to slow down, knowing it would be some time before Janice's new series hits shelves. This is, I believe, her first title for Summerside Press, and the first in a new line of books called "When I Fall In Love".

I can't wait for more!

Debbie Carmichael works in her family's restaurant, 'Sweet Sal's Soda Shoppe', along with the rest of the Carmichael clan. The jukebox churns out hits from the 50's era, and the uniforms lend the waitresses their nickname, 'the Peppermints'.

Star magazines are loaded with photos and tidbits about the latest and hottest teen heartthrob, Bobby Conrad. All the girls in Debbie group are mad about him, and that would include Debbie.

With her father's health issues lingering and the mortage on the shop mounting, Debbie's desperate to come up with a plan to pay off the family business so that her pop can slow down.

Lo and behold, her dad just happens to know Bobby's agent, and before you can say 'boogie woogie', Bobby's agreed to star in a benefit concert to raise money for 'Sweet Sal's Soda Shoppe'!

The girls of Laguna Beach are over the moon, and spirits are high. But when Debbie meets Johnny Hartmann, an up-and-coming unknown, her heart skips more than a few beats.

Then tragedy strikes: Bobby can't appear at the benefit. Oh, what to do? Enter Johnny to the rescue...right?

Filled with memories from the 50's (which I love, but missed out on!), "Love Me Tender" is fun, fun, fun from page one! Janice throws in some bonus reading by opening each chapter with an article from 'Hollywood Heartthrob' magazine...reminiscient of my 'Tiger Beat' days!

I loved this one from start to finish. Pray and faith have starring roles, and while the story is light-hearted, it isn't all fluff and stuff. Janice is serious about her characters representing the love of Christ and the importance of family in each of her books.

Which, in my opinion, just makes the reading all the more enjoyable. Summerside Press' new line of books, 'When I Fall in Love' is off to a rousing good start. I'm excited to see what releases next, both for Summerside and for Janice.

So, "Love Me Tender" receives five out of five bookmarks from me, with a roll of dimes for the jukebox as a charm...gotta keep the platters spinnin' and the music rockin' and a'rollin'!

My thanks to my friends at Summerside Press for my copy!

Happy Reading!



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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I really want to read this one!

Janice Thompson said...

Suh-weet! Thank you SO much for reading the book and posting a review. I'm tickled pink that you liked the story, and honored that you would share such sweet comments with fellow readers. It means the world to me!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

LOVE Janice!