Monday, August 30, 2010

Priceless by Tom Davis

Here in America, we grow indignant and irate about many things. Lately the rumblings have been about the mosque in New York City, homosexual marriage, illegal immigration, and the economy.

Let me ask you a simple question: when is the last time your blood boiled over sex-trafficking? About young girls from a variety of countries (including ours) being sold into prostitution, with no way out, no hope, and daily abuse and beatings?

Do we even think about it? Because we should. I challenge you to read Tom Davis' new book, "Priceless", and not come away changed. This is an issue that has been on my heart for some time, and I've been begging God for a way to make a difference.

In Tom's book his character, Stuart Daniels, tells the story of Marina Smolchenko, a sex slave in Russia. Along the way he also tells the stories of many others, but his 'documentary' focuses on Marina.

Thinking he is assigned to Russia for a simple documentary, Stuart ends up caught up in a raid to save the lives of ten girls forced to live in a brothel. You'll be absolutely shocked and disgusted by who runs the show.

With risk, danger, adventure and challenges, this is an ideal read for any adult, male or female. In one scene Stuart gets challenged by his past, and what the 'woman' has to say may just shock some men into thinking about their personal internet habits.

Ultimately, an attempt is made to rescue Marina and many of the girls who work with her. To say more would give away the story, so I'll stop here.

Tom Davis isn't afraid to take on the serious but often neglected issues facing the world and the church today. In his last novel, "Scared", he examined life in AIDS infected countries and introduced us to a brave little girl named Adanna.

In this book he shines the bright light of hope and of God's love on the sex-trafficking business (I hate to even call it a business) and forces us to face the horrors these young women face each and every day.

At the end of the book, Tom gives resources we can get involved in to help rescue more and more girls, sharing with them the love of Christ. In all, this is a vital book. So I'm giving it the Golden Bookmark for relevant story and excellence in writing, and urging you to read it!

My thanks to Jeane Wynn for my copy, published by David C. Cook. All I can say now is "Keep em' coming, Tom! Keep em' coming!!!

Happy Reading!



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