Thursday, August 19, 2010

Licensed For Trouble by Susan May Warren

I say this every time I get a new novel by Susan May Warren, but this time I really do mean it: this is the BEST Susan has ever done in telling a story about love, grace and God's forgiveness. I love PJ Sugar, and I am SO going to miss her!

PJ is finally making some progressed in getting herself "Licensed For Trouble"..I mean, private investigating. If only Mr. Over-protective Jeremy Kane, her boss, would lighten up and let her take on some of the challenging cases.

Life at home with her sister and the growing family isn't working out, so for now PJ is spending time in the office. It's either that or move back into her car. Then PJ discovers that, for some unknown reason, she has inherited the old Kellogg family estate.

Which includes the little 'mushroom' house she and her sister used to dream about when they were kids. But has PJ inherited more than she can handle? The house needs major renovation, and didn't come with a budget to support the needed changes.

Enter Max, a man of mystery and of skills--handyman skills, that is! He's willing to help PJ bring the old house up to her former glory in exchange for PJ's services. Seems Max doesn't know for sure he is a Max...his memory is long gone, and he has to find out the truth.

With PJ, Jeremy and Boone (reluctantly) on the case, PJ begins to unravel a mystery to end all mysteries...and that might be the end of her. Can she ever escape her 'Nothing But Trouble' tag, and prove she's worth the effort? Will she ever truly change and become who God intended for her to be?

And who will be the one to help PJ? Boone, who can't let go of who she was? Jeremy, who can't seem to allow PJ to be who she is? Or Mysterious Max, who doesn't know who he is and can seemingly give PJ a fresh start?

Susan has triumphed once again in creating the kind of characters that burrow into your heart and make themselves at home, redecorating and reordering things so that, when it's time for them to move on, you remain changed for having encountered them.

The message of love and adoption into God's family, with all the past, present and future erased is huge. I loved watching PJ grow into her faith, laughed along the way with her, and cried when she cried.

I'm going to miss this mischievous private investigator. Here's to hoping trouble gets stirred up again and PJ is on the trail! My thanks to my friends at Tyndale for my copy of "Licensed for Trouble".

I'm giving the PJ Sugar series five out of five bookmarks, with a video camera as a charm. Not just so PJ can catch the criminals, but so SOMEONE will take a hint and make these into movies! I'm telling you, Susan's novels are a visual feast!

Happy Reading!



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Sara said...

What a great review! I'm really looking forward to reading this book. I'm halfway through the 2nd one and I just adore PJ.