Friday, May 28, 2010

Premiere by Melody Carlson

One would think, with all the novels she's published, that Melody Carlson has run out of fresh ideas. Well, one would be wrong! With her newest series, published by Zondervan, Melody tackles the topic of reality television and teen viewing habits...among other things!

"Premiere" kicks off the new series, starring Paige and Erin Forrester, two sisters as different as night and day. While filming a segment for their mother's news station, Erin gets 'discovered' by producer looking to develop a new show.

Before long, the two sisters are starring in their own reality series, experiencing a dream of a life-time. But we all know how some dreams can turn into nightmares oh, so easily!

Guest starring on a teen reality soap show sounds like fun, and it's just to help promote their own show, right? Then why are the sparks flying between female co-hosts?

Filled with red-carpet moments and with insight into the culture of reality television, "Premiere" will get readers thinking about the messages these shows are delivering, and examining their own viewing habits.

I'm looking forward to the next novels in the series, which I have on my shelf, courtesy of my friends at Zondervan! For now, I'm giving "Premiere" four out of five bookmarks, with a cell phone as a charm...equipped with photo and film capability!

Happy Reading!



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