Friday, May 28, 2010

Life, In Spite of Me by Kristen Anderson with Tricia Goyer

In her inspiring new book, Kristen Anderson teams with author Tricia Goyer to bring hope to those needing it the most. Her story is candid and heart-felt, and could be a turning point in a multitude of lives.

"Life, In Spite of Me" shares how Kristen fell into such despair and depression that she felt her only option was to end her life. Lying down on the train tracks, Kristen expected to die that night.

God had other plans...isn't that just like Him?!

Instead of losing her life, Kristen lost both of her legs in that incident. She shares about her grueling recovery, and her struggle to surface from the depths of discouragement and depression, to determine the cause behind it, and to rise above it all in God's power.

Amid the chapters of Kristen's story are love letters from Kristen, pointed sharing at pivotal moments in the story that reach out from the pages into the hearts of the readers.

This is a fairly quick read...I finished it in a few hours. My daughter has it now. Whether you deal with depression, know someone who battles with it, or just would like to know how to be there for someone you love, this is an excellent resource.

Kristen has also started a ministry to reach out to others who are suffering, to bring them hope and healing...information is shared at the end of the book. In all, I recommend Kristen's book to tweens and up.

I'm giving "Life, In Spite of Me" four out of five bookmarks, with a quilt as a charm...if you are feeling even the slightest bit down today, let God's love surround you with its warmth.

My thanks to the publishers for my copy. This review was to post yesterday, but was delayed due to severe weather.

Happy Reading!



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