Sunday, May 9, 2010

It Had To Be You by Janice Thompson

Don't you just hate it when you fall in love, and then it's over? I have fallen head over heels for Bella, D.J., the Neeleys and the entire Rossi clan. But it's time to say "Ciao, Bella". Still, it's nice to know that Janice Thompson lets her go out with a "Bada bing, bada boom"!

In "It Had To Be You", everything's coming up hearts and flowers for Rosa and Laz, Bella's aunt and uncle. Until Sal, former mobster, comes for the upcoming nuptials. Can Bella keep Sallie from blowing it all sky high?

She's worked herself into a frenzy, planning the perfect wedding down to the final detail. And her personal wedding planning keeps being put on hold. Frustration is building to volcanic proportions as Bella keeps putting others first. Is there ever a time to put herself at the head of the line?

With swing music, the mob, and a parrot who can't get enough of "Amazing Grace", Janice goes out in high humor. I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire series, and I absolutely hate to see it end...I could read about Bella and her wacky weddings forever.

You simply cannot miss "Weddings By Bella", and if you've kept up this far, you'll devour "It Had To Be You"...but savor every drop. Janice doesn't waste a word in this one. Each syllable is coated in fun, flavor and God's amazing love. And, oh, the FOOD!

I want to be a Rossi! But I'll settle for being a top fan of Janice, Bella and the entire bunch! "It Had To Be You" gets the Golden Bookmark for Totally Entertaining and Uplifting Fiction, and I'm voting it "Best Contemporary Romance of 2010".

"It Had To Be You" is available May 2010 from Revell, and my HUGE thanks to Donna for my copy! If you're in need of love, laughter and LUNCH (gotta love Rosa's cooking!), don't miss this delicious romance!

Happy Reading!



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Unknown said...

Wowza! Thank you so much for the high praise! I'm tickled that you fell in love with Bella's stories. Bless you for spreading the word about my books. I'm so grateful! Can't wait to see what you think about the next series!

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

This series was just great. I think I liked Swinging on a Star the best, but this was a perfect end to the series.