Monday, March 15, 2010

The Right Call by Kathy Herman

Kathy Herman is an author at the top of my "must read" list and she has been for a long, long time. Her books are always a suspense-filled treat, and as she wraps up her Sophie Trace trilogy, this newest series does NOT disappoint!

Life is final turning a corner for Vanessa Jessup, daughter of Sophie Trace's first female police chief. Her son Carter is thriving, and her online college classes are going well. And then there's Ethan Langley...

Ethan has decided to spend the summer in Sophie Trace, working with his uncle and getting to know Vanessa better. Just when everything begins looking up, another body turns up.

A series of seemingly random shootings have Sophie Trace in the grip of terror once again, and Police Chief Brill Jessup is on the case. Calling in assistance from her seeming nemesis, Sheriff Sam Parker, Brill is determined to keep the citizens of her small town safe, no matter what it takes.

When Ethan uncovers a critical clue to the shootings, he finds himself at a crossroads...tell Brill what he knows and risk the safety of Vanessa and Carter, or get to the bottom of the crimes on his own. It's up to Ethan to make the right call.

Kathy has a knack for putting her characters in suspenseful hot water, creating true to life situations without getting graphic or gross. Her tension-filled chapters fly by, making for some great late-night reading! Her suspense always has a spiritual theme laced within the clues, and she never comes across as preachy or heavy-handed.

Her characters are also so wonderfully flawed, helping many who struggle with the same issues and addictions to find their way to a healthier lifestyle. I've shared Kathy's books with some girls re-building their lives God's way, and they adore her!

I'm giving "The Right Call" five out of five bookmarks with a brownie as a charm...just not like the brownies Vanessa ends up with in the story! Be watching for a new series set in Cajun Country, all coming from David C. Cook (my thanks to them for my copy!).

Happy Reading!



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