Saturday, March 20, 2010

Genoa Bay by Bette Nordberg

Once in awhile, a book catches me off guard. I haven't read a novel written by Bette Nordberg before this one, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

"Genoa Bay" tells the tale of widow Brandy Beauchamp and her daughter Gabby. With her husband gone, Brandy is searching....and a sudden phone call has her traveling from Florida to Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

There she reunites with Maggie, the woman who took her in as a teen and who loved her the way we all long to be loved--unconditionally. Maggie has suffered a stroke, and her life hands in the balance...

...much like Brandy's does.

When Brandy discovers she has inherited the old bed and breakfast from Maggie, choices must be made. Does she move and try to make a go of it, or stay where she no longer feels she belongs, merely because it is the safe choice?

And who would want to see Brandy fail at this new venture? Is it her neighbor...Cliff? Or could it be the owner of the marina where he works? Everyone is a suspect, some more than others.

Has Brandy's choice put her future at more ways than one? Laced with suspense but rich with character and a message of faith and hope, "Genoa Bay" held me from page one until the final sentence.

Had I based my decision on the back cover blurp, I most likely would have passed this one by. Thank goodness I chose to take a chance! I would have missed the most amazing story!

I'm giving "Genoa Bay" five out of five bookmarks with a sailboat as a charm. I plan on seeking out more fiction by Bette after sampling this one. My thanks to my friends at Lion Hudson for my complimentary copy!

Happy Reading!



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Celticlady's Reviews said...

Thanks for the review!! I just received this book in the mail today!!! Sounds good...